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TAVA Changes Membership Model

Become a member today and join us in the fight for equality. Our new membership model allows anyone to join regardless of financial ability.

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We work non-stop finding relevant information across the web on transgender issues and bring it to you every day. Here are just a few of our latest Facebook posts. Enjoy!

What veterans are saying...

TAVA has helped me with getting help on how to sign up at the VA to start receiving help with my transition.


TAVA is an excellent one-stop resource for any transgender veteran. When I first came out as a transgender man, I remember feeling lost and confused. Then, I found TAVA and realized I was not alone! Right before my eyes I found a wealth of information and support. That was five years ago and I haven't looked back. If not for TAVA, I would have remained scared and fearful of getting the care I needed at my local VA.

Anonymous Veteran

I ran across TAVA while I was searching for information on Veterans dealing with Transgender treatment and counseling. I sent a message and received a reply almost immediately. It was great. I was able to speak my mind about my situation and I was sent a few links within minutes. Emails are great but they reach back to me via phone as well which is awesome to have a real voice giving support on the other side of the phone. When I ran into an issue with the local VA, I reached out again and with in 24 hours I was information back from the VA with a fix to my issue.

I am very thankful to TAVA and Gene for their help and support.

11A O3 (Sophia)
Zander Keig

I am thrilled to share that I was able to obtain a corrected DD 214 by following the instructions found on the TAVA website.

Zander Keig, LCSW

I reached out to TAVA to get guidance on changing my DD 214. Almost immediately, Evan replied back to me and gave me the information I needed. TAVA is literally a life saver. Now, my name is changed on my most important document that proves my military service. I couldn't be more grateful.

Omar Sebastian
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