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Thank you for your interest in being included in the TAVA Speakers Bureau!

TAVA has a variety of speaker opportunities all across the nation and sometimes even overseas. Become a member of the TAVA Speakers Bureau, where you can address government and civilian organizations, educational institutions, and corporate businesses on transgender military and veteran issues as well as the history of TAVA.

By submitting this form you give TAVA permission to list your information as an available speaker in a particular area(s) of expertise. You agree to reply to speaker requests promptly. If we are advised that you are not responding to event organizers in a timely manner, you may be removed from the speakers bureau. Please note that inquiries will come directly to you at the email address you provide on this form.

The Speakers Bureau application contains very detailed questions that help us connect you with requests from the media, community groups, and schools. These requests are often very specific — for instance, a community group or reporter may be interested in hearing from someone of a particular background (age, gender, geographic location) who has transitioned while in the military or has come out to their provider as a transgender veteran.

Why does TAVA collect this data on speakers?
We know that diversity makes this community stronger. We are committed to increasing the diversity of the community at large, as well as program participants, speakers, and community leaders. To do that, we need to be comfortable asking for demographic information and regularly review it as a way to help us evaluate disparities in our programs, and where TAVA’s work may fail to serve certain groups and/or perpetuate existing oppressions.

How is this data used?

This data will never be shared. We will use this data in internal program and participation evaluations only. We may report publicly on TAVA’s work, including who is part of the community, but your data would only be included in aggregate and in an anonymous way (i.e. the aggregate racial breakdown of TAVA speakers).

For the gender, ethnic, and sexual identity options on the form, please select as many as you need.

It may take time to fill out the application—that’s okay. Please go at your own pace and only answer those questions you feel comfortable answering. There are no right or wrong answers. Your answers do not affect your participation in the Speakers Bureau.

Once submitted, applications typically take 4-6 weeks to process. To apply, complete the application by clicking on the “Apply” tab above, and fill it out to your comfort level. Most questions are optional. Do you have questions or concerns? Please use our contact form at


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