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Jenelle Levenque

Jenelle Levenque

Jenelle Levenque

Jenelle Levenque has forty plus years as an electronics technician, technical writer, editor, instructor, support. Her experience includes US Navy aircraft electronics systems, Medical Imaging (Nuclear Medicine and Magnetic Resonance), and Industrial Controls.

Jenelle also has fifteen plus years on a variety of Boards of Directors for nonprofit organizations dealing with budgets and employees.

She has researched the requirements for satisfying IRS rules for creating an acceptable Tax Exempt organization, having done five with one of them including Group Exemptions for creating subsidiary (chapters) organizations.

Currently, Jenelle opened and operates the Second Life office of Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA).

Specialties:Technical writing/editing/training, Helpdesk,Nuclear Medicine, Industrial Controls, Training adults, nonprofit creation, personnel evaluations, budgeting,

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