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About Rachael Booth

I am a 62 year old retired transgender woman living with my wife of 19 years in the mountains of northern New Hampshire.

When I retired I was a Senior Computer Scientist programming and designing systems for the Navy's AEGIS shipboard weapons system. Before that I was enlisted in the Navy as a Cryptologics Technician Interpreter (CTI) specializing in Mandarin Chinese and Arabic Languages. I also hold a second degree black belt in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo (open hand and weaponry) and I teach courses in Women's Self Defense and Assault Prevention. I am a guitarist and singer of 40 years and a semi-professional entertainer.

In 2005 I was bitten by a tick that put me in a coma with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. As a result of illness, which nearly killed me, I was left with traumatic brain injury and stroke which ended up making me retire at 55. I now get around with a cane but I can still help people to learn Chinese and even can help other handicapped people to ski with adaptive ski equipment, which I have to use to be able to ski to the extent that I am able.

I have two wonderful children from previous marriages and 4 beautiful grandchildren.

My first book, "Wishing On A Star - My Journey Across the Gender Divide" took me 12 years to write because of the painful memories that I had thought were long gone. I am currently working on a history of my hometown of Evansport, Ohio, a science fiction book about time travel, and a fictional book about graft in professional sports.

Here are my most recent posts

Wishing on a Star

Wishing on a Star by Rachael Booth   I knew I was different when I was 5 years old.  I knew I was a girl but my parents insisted on calling me a boy.  My mother taught me how to…

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