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Joint Press release re: SCOTUS lifts injunctions banning Transgender military service

A full 25 years after our allied countries lifted their bans on gay and transgender service, the US Administration is still determined to enforce discrimination. While three courts have filed injunctions against the administration banning Transgender Service, and one court lifting its injunction; the Supreme Court has now lifted the injunctions allowing the Trump Administration to immediately impose a ban on Transgender Service.

Previously, the Obama administration achieved nearly full equality first by encouraging and signing the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy against lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual service; and then ordering our armed forces to allow Transgender service under careful guidelines. The Trump Administration has sought, from the start, to void and cancel all Obama initiatives, progress, and rational policies, determined to roll back equality, science, human dignity, and decency. With a Supreme Court stacked with conservative extremists disinterested in American ideology of equality, the reversal of rights has just begun.

Evan Young, Major US Army retired, President of TAVA, said, “I am furious and disappointed in the actions of the Supreme Court today with their obvious injection of discrimination against honorably serving transgender Americans in our Armed Forces. Their action is backed by an administration determined to erase Transgender Americans. We will not be erased, and we will continue to serve patriotically and give the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Donald Trump is part of a systemic problem in our country dividing us against each other in the name of far right religious organizations that spew hatred and bigotry against the LGBTQI community. We must stand strong and fight this cruel and irrational decision through our votes in the next election as we did in the mid-terms. This administration’s discrimination causes someone to lose their dream, brings someone to tears over their future, and allows someone to be afraid for their safety. To become a great nation, we must work together, empower each other, and celebrate diversity.”

Julz Carey, US Coast Guard Chief Boatswain’s Mate retired, President of AVER, said, “I am outraged and heartbroken by the actions of this administration to enforce discrimination based on ignorance and raw prejudice as opposed to facts. Instead of affirming the rights of all Americans who volunteer and stand proudly in the uniform of our armed services, the Trump administration and the over zealous religous right seek to inject hatred, discrimination, and harrasment into the ranks of what should be cohesive military units striving to work together as one, enhanced by the diversity of the many.

Banning Transgender service despite there being no problems in two years of open service in the US armed forces, and none in over two and a half decades in our allied countries makes no sense other than blatant pandering to a conservative voter base.  History shows we have heroes cut from all fabrics of the American tapestry.  We have American service members who are not being paid, who are feeding their families from food banks, and today we tell them their team mates are not worthy.  How dare you insult my sisters and brothers in arms.”

Our proud patriots will continue to endeavor to serve their country; we will continue to demand equality.

Evan Young

Evan Young

Evan Young is originally from Little Rock, Ark. He graduated basic training in 1989, transitioned from a sergeant to lieutenant in 1998, and rose to the rank of Major before retiring. In 1998, Evan graduated from Northwestern State University of Louisiana with a B.A. in English. From there, he continued his studies while on Active Duty and graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Florida with a M.S. in Management Information Systems. He earned his public affairs credentials in 2004 and broadcasting management credentials in 2007. He served in the Reserves, Guard, and Active Duty. He was the Hawaii National Guard as a Public Affairs officer and a Media Officer at NORAD and US NORTHCOM. Evan began transition in 2011. He retired from the Army as a Major in 2013. Since then he began his own web development company, EF Young, has written for OutServe magazine as a blogger, is the former president of the Arkansas Transgender Equality Coalition, and currently serves as the national president of the Transgender American Veterans Association. Evan currently lives in Dover, AR. with his two children.

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