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A Veterans Day Message from former President Dayna Walker

Dear Transgender American Veteran Members, Families, Friends and Allies:

This past year has seen some major advances in the acceptance and understanding of the Transgender journey. At the core of this has been a movement by organizations such as TAVA which work daily to advance the front on behalf of Transgender Veterans and their families. The war is far from over but we are winning small battles. From popular television shows to front page headlines across major newspapers and magazines, Transgender people are raising awareness, and with it, understanding. Our daily lives and personal stories become more common place with every news clip and article splashed across social media.

Yes, awareness and understanding are the keys to this battle and are pivotal to our success as we move towards a more inclusive and open society that allows us to express ourselves as we know ourselves to be, not how we have been labeled. As we move forward, each of you is a Soldier in this battle. Each of you helps us gain ground and gain momentum. By adding your voice to ours, then the one becomes many and where there are many, there is strength.

This Veterans Day, the Transgender American Veterans Association will ask you to once again answer the call and serve this great nation of ours. We ask for your help and support to raise awareness and understanding and to help us advance the front lines. As Military Veterans, you understand how the battles are won and lost. You understand the commitment it takes to see the mission through. As Transgender Veterans, you understand the hardship and strain of day to day living and the oppression that merely existing can sometimes bring. It’s time we stand together and ensure our legacy is that no one has to serve in silence again as we once did.

It’s time we tell our stories.

Make it your mission, this Veterans Day weekend, to take the opportunity to raise awareness of Transgender Veterans and the sacrifices we have made. Stand tall, stand proud and most of all, share your story. There has been no better time in American history to do so then now, while this social revolution is upon us.
In the coming months we hope to honor and illustrate these brave sacrifices and stories so that we can continue to turn the tide. Your support and dedication to the cause has never been more consequential than now. Please feel free to share your stories and your photos with us at and we will gladly post them to our Website,

Thank you for your service and your dedication!!!! I will see you on the frontlines!!
Continuing to Serve…

Dayna Walker

Dayna Walker

Dayna Walker is a retired Army First Sergeant (Promotable). Raised in LaPorte, Indiana, Dayna enlisted as a Military Police Officer following graduation from high school. Dayna brings over 25 years of military service experience where she served in various capacities as a Military Police Officer and within the United States Army Recruiting Command.

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