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TAVA Annouces Walker as New Vice President

Transgender American Veterans Association



For Immediate Release

29 January 2014- ( Angela Brightfeather, President of Transgender American Veterans Association, announced today the elevation of TAVA Board Member Dayna Walker as the organizations new Vice President.

Walker assumes the position after Brightfeather took the helm as the organization’s President in 2013 and left the vacancy unfilled.  “We have been going through an extensive review of our organization’s structure and mission,” stated Brightfeather.  “The addition of Officers and Board Members that are able to move into the future and carry on with our restated mission is but a step in a series of carefully planned moves that are extremely important and time sensitive.”

TAVA has moved to expand its mission of securing Transgender Veteran healthcare within the Veterans Administration.  Chief among these are expanded Transgender healthcare benefits within the VA and Department of Defense, advocating for Active Duty and Reserve Transgender military personnel to serve openly and expanded employment opportunities and protections for Transgender Veterans.

“Dayna possesses the vision and drive necessary to continue moving our organization forward towards our goals and objectives,” stated Brightfeather.  “Her commitment to the Transgender community as a whole, and Transgender Veterans specifically, are unmatched.”

Walker holds an MBA from Liberty University and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Troy University where she is a member of the Chi Sigma Iota Honors Society. She is a 20 year Army Veteran and continues to serve as an Advisory Board Member of Empowering Spirits Foundation, the Steering Committee for the California Military Children’s Education Council and on several committees for SPART*A.  Her book, “Out of Uniform: My Transgender Life in the Military” is due out this summer.

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Media inquiries please contact or call 718-849-5665.


Denny Meyer

Denny Meyer

Sgt. First Class Denny Meyer, the son of WWII Holocaust refugees, was reared bilingually in the mid 1940s postwar immigrant refugee community on New York City ‘s Upper West Side . His mother, he notes with pride, arrived at Ellis Island as an illegal alien fleeing Nazi persecution. She taught him that, “there is nothing more precious than American Freedom.”

He has been an activist for over 50 years, starting with his first march with the NAACP at the age of 13 in 1960, working for civil rights, women’s rights, and gay rights and transgender rights for our military service members and veterans.

In 1968 he volunteered, “To pay my country back for my family’s freedom.” He served for ten years in two services; in the Navy aboard an aircraft carrier, in a Huey helicopter squadron HQ, at NATO US headquarters; and in specialized Army Reserve units; and served as an inter-agency liaison and negotiator.

Sgt. Denny has spoken at universities and colleges including Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Hofstra, and Lehman (CUNY) among other venues; combining history, humor, pathos, and anger to tell his story.

In addition to serving as TAVA’s Media Director, he is the national Public Affairs and Veterans Affairs officer of AVER and edits

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